violinist, teacher, composer, arranger

Whipping Post - Berklee Five Week Strings

I'm so proud of these enthusiastic virtuosi! They were on fire for this performance and brought the house down with this rendition of a rock classic. 

Find out about Five Week and Berklee's summer programs here:

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I got a chance to play my electric with all my pedals in Triarky - a power trio with 

e violin, e tuba and drums. 

Here's a tune called "Shakin'" by David Harris. The drummer is Phil Neighbors.

Here's Triarky's band camp page with lots more! (Check out the gorgeous artwork by Aodán Collins.)

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Here's my tribute to acoustic metal. I'm honored to be playing with violinist, Antoine Beux and cellist, Aodán Collins.

Why D'ya do it

This is from a recording I made with Rick McLaughlin on bass and Harvey Wirht on drums. It has a companion tune called "Because I Can". All the tunes from this recording are on youtube. 

RESQ - the really eclectic string quartet

Here's my arrangement of "Night and Day" by Cole Porter with violinist - Matt Glaser, violist - Melissa Howe, and bassist - Jim Guttmann.

"Klezzified" was inspired by my time with the Klezmer Conservatory Band. This tune appeared in a sketch on Saturday Night Live.  

Strings Theory Trio

Here is a piece called "Flashback". It treads the line between composition and improvisation. The only thing that is composed is the form. All the notes and rhythms are up to each player. Joining me are Helen Sherrah-Davies and Junko Fujiwara. 

This is "Cellist's Revenge" written by Junko Fujiwara. It's a comment on the very famous canon that many cellists find themselves playing over and over.