violinist, teacher, composer, arranger


" .... one of the elite players on Boston's   jazz-world fusion scene." Boston Phoenix

"The violin breaks out into jazz, rock, Latin, funk, hip-hop, and contemporary classical in the capable hands of Mimi Rabson.”  Boston Globe

"Great chops and attitude to match" Washington Post

"Bartok meets the Sex Pistols"  Boston Globe

"A strange and splendid synthesis of sound" Boston Phoenix

"Talented and fun...What sets RESQ the wailing intensity, the jazzy ability to swing and improvise" Boston Herald

"Truly original and marvelous" Sir Yehudi Menuhin

"Many ensembles try for a cross-cultural musical blend. But the Really Eclectic String Quartet actually achieves it." Boston Phoenix

"...dazzling, violin phenom" Boston Globe

"... aggressively eclectic and a master of every style she touches." Bowed Radio

Mimi Rabson said; “Put the Stratocaster, Gibson and Rickenbacker back in their cases. Pack-up the DW Drum-Kit. Tell the Horn Section to take 5. A Keyboard? Not today! Enlighten the singers that silence is golden. Okay! Now, get me those Violins and Cellos…we’ve got some Rock & Roll to play!!” youtube comment