violinist, teacher, composer, arranger

BREO Fall 2019

I'm looking forward to getting back to 

BREO - Berklee's Really Eclectic Orchestra after my sabbatical. 

It's free and open to any string player in the area.

From our fans:

Mimi Rabson said; “Put the Stratocaster, Gibson and Rickenbacker back in their cases. Pack-up the DW Drum-Kit. Tell the Horn Section to take 5. A Keyboard? Not today! Enlighten the singers that silence is golden. Okay! Now, get me those Violins and Cellos…we’ve got some Rock & Roll to play!!” 

“There is so much joy in the room!”

Jazz Composers Alliance

The Jazz Composers Alliance has two concerts planned this fall. One will feature new works by all the composers and the other will feature music by Lewis Porter. 

We hope to release the music we recorded last fall at the Berklee Performance Center. Here's a taste of what to expect. This is my piece:

Super I's/Private Heroes. 

Five Week 2019

Here's some of what happened at Five Week this summer! What a pleasure to work with such wonderful, responsive and creative musicians.