Mimi Rabson


"...dazzling, violin phenom" - The Boston Globe

"Great chops and attitude to match"  - The Washington Post

"Truly original and marvelous" - Sir Yehudi Menuhin

...one of the elite players on Boston’s jazz-world fusion scene.” – The Boston Phoenix “

... aggressively eclectic and a master of every style she touches” – Bowed Radio

photo by Sage Etters

Hello all and Happy March!                                                                                                                    3/11/18

I’ve just returned from the ASTA (American String Teachers Association) National Conference in Atlanta! I was able to bring a few students (Louisa Byron, Seoyeon Im and Parker Ousley) with me and, with the help of Megan McGarry, Sue Buzzard and Dr. David Wallce, we brought the Funkestra/BREO ideas to life! We played “Uptown Funk”, “I Feel Good” and “Chicken” (which Megan dubbed “The Famous Chicken”). (You can see the super charged performance on my facebook page.) Then we demonstrated how easy it can be to incorporate this music into the regular classroom curriculum. It was an honor and a rich pleasure to play and work with all this amazing talent. I can’t wait to do it again!

I’m delighted to share this news with you! First - the 5 Week String Orchestra’s viral video of “Whipping Post” is almost at 600K views! You can see it on my facebook page and in two places on youtube.

Here, and here.

This was a magical performance put on by an exceptional group! We will certainly be seeing much more from all the players in the band.

In book news: my latest has been printed!! “Arranging for Strings” is out! You can find it here. This book is designed for composers, arrangers and producers to understand the sometimes mysterious world of strings. It also covers new techniques like “chopping” and the use of electric instruments.

I’m also very proud to say that I was able to contribute a little to Tracy Silverman’s fabulous new book called “Strum Bowing”. The book should be released soon by Shar Music. I was able to see a pre-release copy at ASTA. It is a wonderful way to get into the world of groove playing. I wish I’d had it when I was learning. 

BREO IV has started! This season we are playing “I Put a Spell on You” (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins), “You Don’t Own Me” (Lesley Gory), “Ants Marching” (Dave Matthews), “Smooth Criminal” (Michael Jackson) and “Break Out” (Lettuce) More about BREO here.

BREO III did a fantastic job at the concert in December! Their performance of “Sweet Child O’Mine” elicited this poetic comment on youtube:

Mimi Rabson said; “Put the Stratocaster, Gibson and Rickenbacker back in their cases. Pack-up the DW Drum-Kit. Tell the Horn Section to take 5. A Keyboard? Not today! Enlighten the singers that silence is golden. Okay! Now, get me those Violins and Cellos…we’ve got some Rock & Roll to play!!”

So beautiufully said! Rock on!

You can see the video here: