Past Projects


String Trio No. 1

On this recording is a piece I recorded in spring 2012: a String Trio in 4 movements. This piece calls for a lot of directed improvisation. Players often choose their own pitches and are required to use melodic development of the material already presented in their solos.

I was joined by Junko Fujiwara on cello and Helen Sherrah-Davies on violin. (Helen and I both play 5 string instruments made by John Silakowski.) They are both fierce improvisers. They fulfilled my vision for this music beautifully and I very much appreciate the way they brought this idea to life.

This piece was also recorded at WGBH studios.
Here is a sample.  This is the first movement. 

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photo by Michael Hailey

String Quartet No. 2

Also on this recording will be my latest quartet in 4 movments recorded by members of the Berklee Chamber Players - Shannon Snapp on cello, me on violin, Melissa Howe on viola and Francine Trester on violin.  While fully composed, this composition embodies the spirit I use to improvise, linking both the history of string quartet and the energy of contemporary music. 

I am deeply grateful to the brilliant players who joined me for this recording.  Each brought insight and deep musicianship to this project breathing life into my compositions.

photo by Michael Hailey

photo by Brit Woollard

The recording of my String Trio No. 1

and my String Quartet No. 2

is now available on a compilation

called Mimi Rabson’s Strings Theory.

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